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Get started: How to buy used books
Get started: How to buy used books

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  1. Find your book on Bookis, and choose a seller
    If you don't already have a user then you have to register a new one. This is quickly done by either browser or through the Bookis app. You can see how to do this here. (NOR)

  2. Choose delivery and payment method

    There are two delivery methods:

    📦 Home delivery - Pay now and get your package delivered home
    The package is picked up from the seller and is delivered to you, either to your house/apartment or to the nearest pick-up point. (NOR) This applies to the whole country, as long as the seller offers this delivery method. We can currently only offer payment through debit or credit card, but are working towards being able to pay through VIPPS too.

    The money will be reserved on you account immediately after you send a request to a seller, but will not be captured until the request is accepted. The reservation is cancelled if the request is denied or expires.

    💬 Meetup - Schedule delivery and payment directly with the seller

    This is the same delivery method you might be familiar with from Finn or Facebook-groups. This is a bit more hassle, but you have the option if you are able to meet up with a seller close by or if a seller doesn't have home delivery activated.

  3. Send the request, and wait for an answer from the seller

    All sellers have seven days to answer a request, but normally answer within one hour. You can choose to cancel your request at anytime between when the request is sent and the seller either accepts or denies. 9 out of 10 requests are answered and accepted, normally within a few hours.

🔔 DING! You will get a notification through email and/or a push notification from the Bookis app when your request is accepted or denied.


  1. Seller sends the book!

    The seller chooses the date of the pick-up after they have accepted your request. This will be visible in your chat and you will also get a confirmation to your email. The delivery time is usually 2-4 work days, after the book is picked up from the seller. How to track the package? (NOR)

  2. TA-DA!✨ You have a new book on your doormat/in your mailbox!


  1. Schedule delivery and payment privately

    It is up to you and the seller to continue the dialogue after the seller has accepted your request. Go to 'Messages' on 'My profile', or 'Chat' in the Bookis app, to chat with the seller. You then either find a good place to meet up, or schedule delivery of the package through whatever means agreed to. We recommend payment though VIPPS/Swish. Remember! Private delivery and payment is at your own risk.

  2. BADA-BING! ✨ You have a new book!


Shipping: kr 69,- (Norway), kr 78,- (Sweden)
Service charge: kr 19,-

'Meetup' as a delivery method is free.


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