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Package is not picked up πŸ“¬
Package is not picked up πŸ“¬

Have you sold a book with 'Home to home' delivery, but the mailman hasn't picked it up?

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There can be several reasons why your package hasn't been picked up.

You can find the most common reasons in the checklist below. As a seller you are responsible to go over the questions below to check that everything is correct before you book a new pick up date:

  • Is the package correctly placed?

    It should be placed either on your doormat or in your mailbox. Look here for more information.

  • Is the mailbox marked with your name and address, or the apartment door marked with the door number?

  • Is the mailbox unlocked?

  • Is the package securely packed and visibly marked with a correct reference code?

  • Is the package placed outside on a correct date?

  • Is it outside for pick up between 11 PM and 7 AM?

  • Is the registered address correct? (street number, postal code, floor number, apartment number)

    If the address information isn't correct, please contact us!

Once you went over the above information and everything seems correct, you need to order a new pick up date so that the mailman will try again. This does not happen automatically without it being registered by you or us πŸ“¦

Go to the link you have received in the text message to choose a new pick up date. Take the package inside in the meantime and place it outside on the chosen day before 11 PM to minimize the risk of it getting lost.

The buyer will surely appreciate it if you send him/her a quick update that there is a slight delay and information about a new pick up day. You can do this by writing a short message via "chat" in the app or via "messages" on the webside πŸ’¬

❗️ If all the points above are correct and the pick up has still failed, please contact us or Helthjem (for Norway πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄ )/Dooris (for Sweden πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ ) and we will help you.

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