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Received multiple requests from the same buyer πŸ“š
Received multiple requests from the same buyer πŸ“š
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If you have received multiple requests on books from the same buyer and you wish to send them in the same package, then you have to control how big and how heavy the package will be all together first πŸ‹πŸ½

The package cannot exceed these measurements:


Max: 5 kg
Length: 35 cm / Width: 25 cm / Depth: 12 cm


Max: 2 kg

Length: 35 cm / Width: 25 cm / Depth: 15 cm

If your package doesn't exceed these measurements then you can proceed to accept the requests with the same pickup date ✨

However, if your package exceeds these measurements, then you need to accept the requests in two or more rounds, depending on how many books they requested and how big the books are. As an example, if you have gotten seven requests from the same person, you can do it this way:

  1. Choose one pickup date for four of the requests (for example Monday)

  2. You then choose a different pickup date for the last three requests (for example Tuesday)

  3. This way you get two different reference codes to write on your packages. Pack the four books with the same reference code in one package, and the last three books in one package, so that you have two packages that's going to the same buyer πŸ“¦ +πŸ“¦

The books HAS TO be sent with the reference code connected to it, as the shipment might not be registered and the payment might not be activated. There is also a risk that the books won't reach the buyer.

Check how to package the book(s) in this article πŸ“©

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