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How to pack your book πŸ“©
How to pack your book πŸ“©
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When you sell a book via Home to home, it is important that a buyer receives the book in the same condition as when you sent it.

Therefore you should package the book simply, but securely for the transport. Use for example a plastic bag together with newspaper/wrapping paper and tape, or something else you have at home.

We recommend this so that the package is protected against all kinds of weather β˜”οΈ (rain and snow)

The package cannot exceed these measurements for it to be picked up:

  • NORWAY πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄

    Up to 5 kg - Length: 35 cm / Width: 25 cm / Depth: 12 cm

  • SWEDEN πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ

    Up to 2 kg - Length: 35 cm / Width: 25 cm / Depth: 15 cm

Now you need to write the reference code (R-XXXXX) on the package and place it outside before 11pm the day you chose for pick up.

If you sell several books to the same buyer and receive the same reference code, then you MUST pack all these books as one package with this reference code.

If you receive different reference codes, then you MUST pack the books in different packages.

The payout to the seller for sold books is connected to each reference code. So if you only use one code, then you will not get paid for the books assigned to the other code, as this code will not be marked as "delivered" 😊

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