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Create a new user on Bookis
Create a new user on Bookis

How do I register a new user?

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When registering a new user you first have to choose a registration method. You can choose to register through:

  • Facebook

  • Google

  • Email and password

  • Apple-id (only on app)

❗️This will be your regular log in method

Please make sure that the email address is written in all lowercase letters and does not have space before or after.

You will then choose a password with 8 or more letters, which has to include at least one uppercase letter and a number.

(If you already have a registered user, but are unable to log in, you can see this article (NOR))

After you have chosen a passord, you will then receive a verification code on the email you registered. Remember to check your spam folder if the email doesn't appear in your inbox.

Three text fields will appear on the next page, where you need to write your verification code in the first field. Your email address might automatically be inserted in this field, so be aware and replace this with the code 🎯

(Video currently only in Norwegian)

✨ Now you have a user on Bookis!

It is then important to fill in all the fields, so that the process onwards in Bookis will proceed as it should.

πŸ’‘ Don't hesitate to contact us through the customer support chat or on if you have any problems registering a new user!

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