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Get started: How to sell used books
Get started: How to sell used books
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Do you already have a user on Bookis? If not, then you need to register. It only takes a moment to do it, just use the website or the Bookis app. Once you are registered and logged in:

  1. Scan the barcode on the book or search the book manually and click "Sell"

    You can only sell books in their physical form, sale of audio books and e-books is not permitted.

    Now you need to choose a delivery method you want to offer. You can choose between two delivery methods when selling your books:

    πŸ“¦ Home to home - send books from your doormat/mailbox and get paid by Bookis

    A delivery man collects the books you sell from your doormat or mailbox, and delivers them to the buyer within a few days. This option is available for a big part of the country, but some addresses are not supported yet.

    You can check if your address supports this option here: Is my address supported? (NOR)

    Look at this video for how to add address to your profile via address helper: Add you address with our address helper (NOR)

    To activate this, you need to add your bank information to your profile so that we can transfer the money to you after you sell a book. We keep your personal information encrypted according to strict security requirements.

    πŸ’¬ Meetup - you and the buyer arrange delivery and payment privately

    If your address does not support Home to home delivery, you can add your address manually and use the Meetup method. The delivery and payment is arranged privately between you and the buyer.

    You might be familiar with this method from Finn or Facebook. It is a bit more hassle, but you have an option when it is possible to meet with the buyer and when the Home to home delivery is not supported where you live.

  2. Add books condition, choose your price and click "Add for sale"

  3. TA-DA! ✨ Your book is now for sale

The book you are selling is now visible for all the visitors on Bookis and on your public profile. You can easily find an overview of your books for sale on My profile > For sales. Here you can change the price and condition or delete books.

Tip! Share the link to you Bookis profile on Facebook or to increase your chances of fast sale!

πŸ”” DING! A buyer shows his/her interest by sending you a Request with a chosen delivery option. You receive a warning on your email and/or a push notification on your Bookis app when someone sends you a request.

Go to Messages on My site if you are using a web browser or go to Messages on Bookis-app to answer a request.


  1. Accept a request and choose a pick up date

    You will now receive a unique reference code which works as your digital postmark

  2. Write the reference code on the package and place it on your doormat or in your mailbox

    Pack the book simply, but securely for transport. Use for example a plastic bag together with newspaper/wrapping paper and tape or something else you have at home. Remember the package needs to arrive in the same condition as when you sent it. You can find more information about how to pack your package here.

    Place the book outside before 11pm the day you chose for pick up. Where should I place the package? (NOR)

  3. BADA BING! ✨ The sale is completed!

    You get paid by Bookis after the book is delivered to the buyer.

    The book will be automatically be marked as "Sold" and removed from your sales list.


  1. Accept a book request

  2. Coordinate the delivery and payment directly with the buyer via our chat

    We recommend payment via Vipps/Swish. Private delivery and payment is at your own risk.

  3. BADA BOOM! ✨ The sale is completed!

    Remember to mark the book as "Delivered". It will then be removed from your sales list.


It is free to sell books on Bookis!

If the book is sold with Home to home, the buyer pays a service fee and a delivery fee.


Check out our other articles about selling used books here (NOR).

Or you can check out the whole collection of our help articles here (NOR).

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